Wheelchair Breezy 3002A

Breezy wheelchair 3002A


Breezy wheelchair 3002A
Backup Standard wheels and 125 mm

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Salsa with central traction. A higher level driveability, performance and style

Salsa M2 stands out for its smooth and intuitive driving as well as to provide a driving excpecionales results both indoors and outdoors. The compact dimensions of its base and tight turning radius favor maneuverability in tight spaces, while the independent suspension system in the 6 wheels and anti-sway system provide a smooth, comfortable ride even on the most uneven surfaces . With a sleek and sporty design available in 4 colors, multi-adjustable seat and a wide range of electrical functions and special controls available.

Excellent maneuverability indoors

Thanks to technology center-pull, the base rotates on its axis practically offering a turning radius actually reduced.
The compact base of the chair (from just 61 cm total width) facilitates access through narrow doors or elevators and allows users to more easily maneuver in tight spaces.
With a low seat height down and facilitating cross tables or access to vehicles (43 cm minimum height without modules).

Smooth and comfortable ride outdoors

The independent suspension system 6 Quickie patented wheels ensures that all wheels are in permanent contact with the ground even climbing curbs, through potholes or uneven terrain. So it is extremely comfortable driving in any terrain.
The anti-roll system minimizes the movement of the body, increasing the stability and feeling of comfort especially downhill. Furthermore, the fact that all the weight is concentrated on the central wheel results significantly improve traction


High-Performance Options

Select engine type and speed according to your personal requirements. Equip your chair with optional 4-pole motors and control box 120 Amp for unprecedented results ... and rediscover your independence with Salsa M² !!!

Vanguard design ...

Salsa M2 combines elegant design with a sporty character that does not leave anyone indifferent. With multiple configurations and 4 color frame to adapt the chair to each user's personal style: red, blue, white or black matte. Be seen by new LED lights integrated into the housing (option) that give the chair a refined appearance and maximum visibility on the road. Prepare to be the center of attention !!


... And Functional

The armrest can be folded back to facilitate transfers and access to tables, the standard configuration of the chair can overcome curbs up to 7 cm and the back folds forward for easy transport and storage of the chair. With optional tilting module to module 30 and optional seat lift up to 30 cm for easy access to high places and improve social integration.

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Breezy Chair Accessories
Elevating footrest (pair). It replaces the standard footrest
Elevating footrest (pair). It replaces the standard footrest
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