Chair sports lightweight titanium Ti All Court

Chair sports lightweight titanium Ti All Court

Chair sports to basketball practice with titanium frame

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Chair sports lightweight titanium Ti All Court

Silla deportiva

Chair sports to basketball practice with titanium frame

Quick, agile and strong, thanks to its titanium frames, the Quickie All Court Titanium wheelchair basketball is ideal for gamers. Its patented adjusting the center of mass, allows a maximum horizontal adjustment of center of gravity, and vertical seat adjustment. This combination of settings allows players to align their weight on the drive wheels, and optimize their seat angles without changing the fork or position, or the front wheel. All this combined with the wide variety of options and accessories make the All Court Titanium the ideal chair for basketball practice

Armazón de titanio

Titanium frame

Titanium has more than twice resitencia than aluminum.Therefore it is possible to use a thinner tube while maintaining the same strength of the chair. This will lighten the weight of the chair.

Diseño de la defensa

Design of the defense

The special design of the defense, consisting of a single wing, brings lightness and strength to the set, which is essential in a fast and aggressive sport like basketball

Ajuste del centro de masas

Adjust the center of mass

By adjusting the height of the seat front and rear, and center of gravity, the All Court Ti allows a custom fit to each player

Camber de las ruedas traseras

Rear wheel camber

The two possibilities of camber (rear wheel angle) of 16 ° and 20 ° give the All Court Ti greater stability and thus taking turns with little effort

Seat width: 30.5 to 51 cm
Seat Depth: 25.5 to 51 cm
Front seat elevation: 41 to 53 cm
Seat back height: 33-53 cm
Frame: Titanium
Rear: Steel spokes, Quickie, and Spinergy Performance Heat Treated
Shaft Options: Steel, and quadriplegia
Camber: 16 º or 20 º
Max user: 113 kg
Total weight: From 9.75 kg
Colors: 16 colors

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