Sports Chair aluminum Ti Match Point

Sports Chair aluminum Ti Match Point

Chair for tennis and paddle sports with titanium frame

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Sports Chair aluminum Ti Match Point

Silla deportiva

Chair for tennis and paddle sports with titanium frame

Provided with a titanium seat structure, the Quickie Match Point Titanium offers a great lightness and strength. Thanks to its patented adjusting the center of mass, adjusted to the particular needs of the center of gravity and seat angle each player, without having to change parts. The Quickie Match Point Titanium is a lightweight and flexible chair that offers all the stability and speed needed to play at the highest level.

Ajuste del centro de masas

Adjust the center of mass

By adjusting the height of the seat front and rear, and center of gravity, Ti Match Point allows a custom fit to each player

Cinturón de ajuste dentado

Toothed belt adjustment

The belt is set using a system similar to boots or snowboard Skiing. This type of setting provides a clamping teeth very accurate player to the chair. In this way the player moves the trunk more easily transmitted to the chair.

Centro de gravedad ajustable

Adjustable center of gravity

The unique setting of the center of gravity provides an adjustment range between 9 cm and 13 cm. This allows the user to align his weight with drive wheels and optimize trim angle without having to make any changes in the size or position of the fork or the front wheels.

Camber de las ruedas traseras

Rear wheel camber

The two possibilities of camber (rear wheel angle) of 16 ° and 20 ° give the Ti Match Point high stability and thus taking turns with little effort

Seat width: 30.5 to 51 cm
Seat Depth: 25.5 to 51 cm
Front seat elevation: 41 to 53 cm
Seat back height: 33-53 cm
Frame: Titanium
Rear: Steel spokes, Quickie, and Spinergy Tennis Performance
Shaft Options: Steel, and quadriplegia
Camber: 16 º or 20 º
Max user: 113 kg
Total weight: From 9.1 kg
Colors: 16 colors

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