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Youngster buggy aluminum 3

Youngster buggy aluminum 3

The folding baby chair with lighter growth

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Youngster buggy aluminum 3

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The folding baby chair with lighter growth

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Youngster 3 is a autopropulsable aluminum chair with folding frame, a very modern design and infinite configuration possibilities.

It is also incredibly light (from 8.5 kg) and adaptable to the child's growth in width and depth, without additional parts.

Available with standard frame or frame with abduction for optimal Lower limb positioning.

Seat width:22 to 40 cm
Seat Depth:24 to 40 cm
Front seat elevation:37 to 50 cm
Seat back height:32 to 47 cm
Height of backrest:25-40 cm (2.5 by 2.5 cm)
Width:+ Seat width 20 cm
Leg Length:17 and 44 cm
Frame Type:Standard or abduction
Backrest angle:90 ° (adjustable reclining angles optional)
Angle frame:85 °
Growth in depth:4 cm (without additional parts)
Growth in width:2 cm (without additional parts)
Maximum user weight:85 kg
Total weight:from 8.5 kg
Colors:26 colors

Ajustable en anchura

Adjustable in width

Patented system for increasing the width of the chair 2 cm (1 inch per side) through the crosshead without additional parts.

Y ajustable en profundidad

And adjustable in depth

Seat tubes provide a growth in depth 2 or 4 cm, depending on the chosen position (without additional parts)

Con un alegre diseño...

With a fun design ...

Modern design of the fork and the front of the frame. Look more modern, more settings and maneuverability.

...Y múltiples opciones

And multiple options ...

Wide range of footrests (adjustable platform angle, single folding, split footrest ...) upholstery (breathable, lightweight, Air Flow, Comfort ...), side protectors, wheels ... to customize the chair to suit the child and provide maximum performance, comfort and freedom.


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