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Given magical DST

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Given magical DST

Given magical DST

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Since DST color

This product is a DST Cause

Throw the dice and see how it changes the color of any effect DST that is in the room coinciding with the color of the upper face of the die, as if by magic!

Since magic is the DST causes more fun. You can create hundreds of different activities that encourage the user to interact with the room, especially if you use including transparent pockets on each side to add photographs, drawings or pictograms.

DST are available many effects that interact with this product, see the section of the DST system.

A fun way to introduce color recognition skills and develop cause and effect, and a different way to interact and control the environment.

Dimensions: 30x30x30cm. It works with a PP3 battery. You need at least one effect DST to run.

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Given magical DST

Given magical DST

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