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KIT listening activities

KIT listening activities

KIT listening activities

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KIT listening activities

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KIT listening activities

With regard to sound, it is important to consider tolerance and respect hearing in person both the loudness, as the type of sounds that accepts, trying to gradually extend these feelings if deemed appropriate.
For users who have hearing loss or deafness we will facilitate the integration of auditory stimuli from direct contact with the sound stimulus (vibrational resonance).
Using music therapy as a communicative element, with intonations and modulations salient than usual, helping users with auditory rest to feel more welcome. Also it is serving as a location, orientation and reference point on their travels (in the event that the user has some kind of disability).
Natural sounds help you become familiar with the space.
Sound objects: rattles, tambourines, maracas, bells, bells; balls with bell; Objects and whistles ... sound materials that can easily produce sounds, when dragged or fall: metal, hard plastic, wood ... Objective of the activity: become aware of the sound source and locate.
Suggested activities:
Get their attention (with a rattle, a bell or other sound object) so you can turn your gaze or search by hand the presented object.
IntroduceMusic as a benchmark for an activity that allows the child or have more than one indicator more to anticiparle what later will.
The music selected, it is advisable that has a rhythmic sequence with a beginning and an end. The music of the typical bodies are not exactly the most ideal (the need to re-hear so stereotyped is encouraged).
Place sound objects and visually appealing, it serves landmarks in the recognition and location of the space. Objects that easily produce noise both fell, as being dragged, or beaten, allow the user to perceive the proximity of what is happening around them. For it not only has to be a material that causes noise, but the ground or space where it lands is compiled.

Wheeled drawer containing the following provision:
1. Sounds musical instruments, TO710
1. Animal Sounds nature, TO711
1. Sounds home and street, TO712
1. Rain Stick (10 cm), EM.3000
1. Rain Stick (20 cm), EM.3001
1. Rain Stick (40 cm), EM.3002
1. Eggs sound (even), EM.3010
1. Fibre Castanets (pair), EM.3015
1. Castanets with handle, EM.3020
1. Sambino triple, EM.3026
1. Sambina with twelve pairs, EM.3032
1. Maracas (pair), EM.3035
1. musical bells, MS.3042
1. Guiro with Scraper, EM.3046
1. Ratchet, EM.3048
1. Chinese rectangular box (2 tones). EM.3057
2. anklet bells, EM.3065
2. bells bracelet, EM.3067
1. Handle with medium bells, EM.3072
1. Tambourine (21 cm), EM.3077
1. musical Cortina, EM.3095
1. Recorder soprano, EM.3105
1. Kazoo pvc EM.3107
1. Whistle 3 shades, EM.3109
1. Siren Whistle, EM.3112
1. Nature Sounds Cd, EM.3571
1. Cd Relaxation Sea, EM.3572
1. Cd pure relaxation, EM.3574
1. Cd forest sounds, EM.3575
1. perforated ball (bell) 12 cm, TP1940
1. perforated ball (bell) 16 cm, TP1941

The kit may vary depending on the stock of the component parts in any case, the element to be replaced with similar features that perform the same function.

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