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Zippie pediatrics chair TS

Zippie pediatrics chair TS

Fixed chair with tilting system up to 45 °

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Zippie pediatrics chair TS

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Fixed chair with tilting system up to 45 °

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The TS is a chair Zippie aluminum fixed tilt system 45 degrees. The tilting system ensures perfect positioning for the child, adjusting to your individual needs

Seat width:25 to 40 cm (in increments of 2.5 cm)
Seat Depth:25 to 40 cm (in increments of 2.5 cm)
Front seat elevation:40 to 49 cm
Seat back height:36.5 to 44 cm
Height of backrest:27.5 to 40 cm (in increments of 2.5 cm)
Width:56 cm
Overall length:86 cm Max
Frame:Rocker / Rigid
Backrest angle:95 ° - 124 °
Angle frame:70 ° / 90 °
Growth in depth:10 cm
Manual Tilt:45 º
Maximum user weight:68 kg
Total weight:15 kg
Colors:12 colors

Tilt up to 45 º

The TS Zippie allows up to 45 degrees of tilt. The tilt is critical for children who need to modify the posture while sitting in the chair to get relief from the pressure or promote digestion. Also you can select option using pedal pivotto eliminate the cables.

Adaptable al crecimiento del niño en anchura y profundidad

Adaptable to infant growth in width and depth


Adaptable a sistemas de sedestación Jay

Adaptable to Jay seating systems

The structure of the chair, can replace the standard upholstery for seats and backs decubitus positioning and JAY

Asiento y respaldo rígido

Seat and back rigid

Rigid padded seat and back



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