TS Zippie pediatrics chair Folding

TS Zippie pediatrics chair Folding

Folding chair with tilting system up to 45 °

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TS Zippie pediatrics chair Folding

Silla de pediatría

Folding chair with tilting system up to 45 °

TS Zippie child seat meets the clinical advantages of tilt (45 °), and the convenience of the folding more compact.

Thanks to its folding, its rear wheels with quick release and folding backrest tubes forward, is reduced to a size so small that they can be easily transported in the trunk of a car.

Zippie TS Plegable

Approved for transport vehicles
This product has successfully passed crash tests in accordance with ISO 7176-19 certified it as safe seat during transport in a vehicle.

Seat width: 25-46 cm (frame)
Seat Depth: 33-51 cm (frame)
Front seat elevation: 39 to 51 cm
Height of backrest: 30.5 to 41 cm (solid support)
Width: 56 cm
Overall length: 86 cm
Frame: Rocker / Folding
Backrest angle: 78 ° to 120 °
Angle frame: 60 ° / 70 ° / 80 ° / 90 °
Growth in depth: 10 cm
Growth in width: 5 cm
Manual Tilt: 45 degrees (12 "wheels)
Maximum user weight: 68 kg
Total weight: from 15 kg
Colors: 16 colors

Las ventajas de una silla plegable

The advantages of a folding chair

TS Zippie folds for easy transport and storage in tight spaces. The framework becomes extremely compact and the wheels are removed by the quick-release system.

Basculación hasta 45º

Tilt up to 45 º

The TS Zippie allows up to 45 degrees of tilt. The tilt is critical for children who need to modify the posture while sitting in the chair to get relief from the pressure or promote digestion. Further option may be selected by tilting pedal to eliminate the cables.

Crece en anchura y profundidad

It grows in width and depth

The spreader can be bolted to the frame at different points allowing adjustment of the seat width up to 5 cm without additional parts. The backrest tubes can move backwards as the child grows, to increase seat depth by nearly 10 cm.

Numerosas opciones y colores

Many options and colors

With a wide variety of options and colors available. TS Zippie to select different eg rear wheel sizes: 12 "or 16" for children who have to be driven by their caregivers or therapists, or 20 ", 22" or 24 "for children who have the ability to propel itself.


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