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Knee Prosthesis load brake

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Orliman Prosthesis

monocentric knee load brake

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Knee Prosthesis load brake

Knee Prosthesis load brake

monocentric knee load brake

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The prosthetic knee 6Н02 is indicated for patients with low and medium level activity, if amputation of the lower limbs. When the angle of knee flexion is less than 25 °, the bending effect of the load locks, ensuring greater stability of the knee flexion in the stance phase of gait. At the time of downloading the prosthesis unblocking occurs and the joint is free. The knee is provided with a device for adjustable knee extension.

* The device for knee extension is served dismantled.
** The tube shown in the picture is not included.

The weight of the device is 60 gr. In the manufacture of the knee they have been used plain bearings, manufactured with materials most innovative polymers that increase running smoothly and completely eliminate lateral clearances.

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Under K1

limited movement; preferably indoors at a slow pace. daily activity with limited movement and uniforms for low loading of the prosthesis.
> Example: Purchases, gardening, housework.

K2 Media

Prolonged up changing rhythm abroad. daily activity with predictable and repetitive movements midlevel loading of the prosthesis.
> Example: walking, golf and other activities half load.

K3 High

Medium and long running high pace. daily activity with predictable and repetitive high and medium level loading of the prosthesis movements.
> Example: Tasks building, running, jumping and other activities that require high load level.

Deportivo K4 / End

It allows extended journeys abroad without limitations. Medium intensity exercise. And continued high level of charge of the prosthesis.
> Example: athletics, racing and long distance.


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Knee Prosthesis load brake

Knee Prosthesis load brake

monocentric knee load brake

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