SuperNova screen reader and magnifier

SuperNova screen reader and magnifier

Software that reads and wide screen of your PC

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SuperNova screen reader and magnifier

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Software that reads and wide screen of your PC

SuperNova Reader Magnifier is software that magnificent voice and transforms everything that happens on your computer screen. Thus, people with low vision can surf the web, write or read from a conventional computer.

SuperNova screen reader and magnifier has the following features:

  • Expander Crystal Clear
  • Color schemes
  • Multi-monitor support
  • Synchronized visual highlight
  • Text to speech synthesis
  • System keyboard shortcuts
  • Speech synthesis control of websites or documents via the keyboard
Expander Crystal Clear

You can expand up to 60 times the image on your monitor. Its 8 different modes help you keep in perspective the enlarged area and the area without expanding. automatic tracking, hundreds of fonts and resizable pointers or reader specific documents make it easy and comfortable any reading or web surfing to people with low vision, because you load any text size, font and favorite colors.

28 different types of zoom to find the one that best suits you. Zoom in and text with a single click, scroll mouse button or buttons.

True Font technology allows larger text preserving its form is not limited to expanding regardless sharpness, but creates a soft-edged text size you need very comfortable to read.

Furthermore, if theseSuperNova writing software expansion will continue, expanding the area where you are so you do not miss at any time.

You can keep constantly expanded areas (eg clock) while you're working. You can save, open and close with a single keystroke. Move with the arrow keys on the magnified area. Choose from 4 pointers.

Color schemes

High contrast, negative, grayscale, green on black ... Choose from 24 default settings that increase visibility and reduce glare. You can even create your own with the combination of brightness, contrast, background or font color.

Altera document colors for easy reading without changing its appearance when you print. Replace with Colour you can change the colors of the images by those who can recognize.

Multi-monitor support

Expands on many monitors as you can, either by cloning the display or extended desktop. Writing text see increased mientra on another monitor the document is displayed in its original size.

Synchronized visual highlight

Highlight where your mouse is, the selection cursor, the focus of Windows or the text line where you are. This enables people with low vision to control where the action is when another is handling, or easily detect where your mouse is. It can be activated and deactivatedthrough its shortcut.

Text to speech synthesis

SuperNova reads for you. Speech synthesis of your documents, applications or web pages. Regulates its speed and intonation. SuperNova can also go saying what you type, letter by letter, word by word or both things at once.

System keyboard shortcuts

Supernova lets you operate all its features from comfortable keyboard shortcuts.

Speech synthesis control of websites or documents via the keyboard

Use the arrow keys on your keyboard shortcut keys or other keys to scroll through the web or your PDF documents while you read the content SuperNova.

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