Folding steel breezy Unix

Silla Unix

The Unix Chair is synonymous with strength and durability. For its robust steel structure that ensures off - road performance on a day to day because it is tested for transportation vehicles and approved for users up to 125 kg

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Seat width

Silla de ruedas Unix

Unix makes it easy

Set it will be easier impossible. Simply select a model (with small rear wheel rear wheel or large) and seat width you need. As simple as that!

Silla Sunrise Medical Unix

comfortable and easy adjustments

This same concept of simplicity also applies to adjustments to the depth of the armrest (2 different positions), leg length and height of the backrest upholstery, which can be performed with the toolkit built


Silla de Ruedas

folding and adjustable footrest length

The footrest Unix are folding inwards and outwards. They feature ergonomic, robust and accessible desenclavador. Also they incorporate a practical system for regulating the length of the footrest with multiple holes along the tube for easy and precise adjustment. With heel tape to a supportmore confortable.

Silla de ruedas de Acero

padded nylon upholstery, adjustable to 43.5 or 41 cm for comfort and folding armrests.

Technical features Unix Chair Wheels

Seat width 41/44/47 cm
Seat depth: 42 cm
Seat height: 51 cm
Seat angle: Fixed to 3rd
Back height: 43.5 cm (adjustable upholstery 41 cm)
Total width: Seat width + 18.5 cm (wheels 24 ") / Seat width + 14.5 cm (wheels 12")
Overall length: 108 cm (24 ") / 103 cm (12")
Total height: 97 cm
Folded width: 32 cm (30 cm with wheels 12 ")
Material: Steel
Tilting seat: No
Back recline: No
Total weight: 17.8 kg (Standard configuration, size 41)
Max user weight: 125 kg
Color: Light gray


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