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Wheelchairs Cobalt

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Wheelchairs Cobalt

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The electric charger is included in the price

The electric wheel chair Cobalt is a compact, lightweight and highly portable chair that is simple and easy to use due to its programmable controller. This electric wheelchair is divided into 3 sections for handling and storage when not in use.

The Cobalt has a rear wheel drive system that provides the user with optimal maneuverability, and along with a turning radius, this makes this simple chair ultra-responsive and easy to use electric wheelchair in any indoor environment.

The maximum range of 8 miles on a full battery charge *.

Available in 46cm (18 ") wide seat.

Designed for indoor and outdoor.

Compact and handy for use in tight spaces and busy environments.

Divide easily for storage and transportation.

Rear-wheel drive for optimum maneuverability.

Wide adjustable armrests with removable pads detachable arms to suit the user's comfort.

Folding backrest for easy storage and transport.

Adjustable seat height and length adjustment armrest allow chair to be easily adapted to suit the preferences of comfort.

Swivel seat facilitates easy transfers and out of the chair

Clutch operation to allow free wheel chair safely wherever and whenever needed.

Padded upholstery for comfort and extra support.

20cm (8 ") front wheels and 23 cm (9") rear wheels with solid tires puncture proof provide durability and low maintenance.

Adjustable height, lift lid to suit users leg length and assist with easy transfers.

Dynamic Shark programmable controller offers a driving experience easier and more enjoyable.

The rear wheels roll standard.

Seatbelt included for extra security.

Available in two color options - blue metallic or metallic red.

Load capacity of 113kg (18st).

** Subject to the terms of use.

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Wheelchairs Cobalt

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