Electronic chair Quickie Salsa M

Electronic chair Quickie Salsa M

Excellent maneuverability indoors, with a large outdoor performance                                        Seg.Social Provision Code 12212703

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Electronic chair Quickie Salsa M

Sillas electrónicas alta gama

Excellent maneuverability indoors, with a large outdoor performance




Seg.Social Provision Code 12212703

Salsa M is a central wheel chair offers excellent indoor maneuverability with a large outdoor performance.

The compact dimensions of the base, along with the small turning radius that provides core traction allow users to navigate perfectly in tight spaces.

It also offers a very smooth ride over rough terrain, thanks to its suspension and anti-sway.

Suspensión independiente de las 6 ruedas

Independent Suspension 6 wheels

The Quickie patented suspension system provides a very smooth ride even on uneven terrain.

Radio de giro muy reducido

Tight turning radius

As the drive wheel is in the center, the base rotates on its axis offering a really small turning radius of just 67 cm! This allows users to more easily maneuver in confined spaces.

Dimensiones compactas de la base

Compact dimensions of the base

Total width of the chair very small (only 60 cm) that enables access by narrow doors and facilitates movement in tight spaces.

Seat height very low to the ground to facilitate access to tables (minimum height of 40 cm with manual tilting at 0 ° and from 44.5 cm to electrical tilt)

Unidad de asiento multiajustable

Multi-adjustable seat unit

The width and depth of the chair can be easily adjusted between 41 and 51 cm to fit the user and their changes.

With adjustable backrest height and angle and lid for better transport and storage and adjustable armrest height and length.

Four position tilting seat, center of gravity and seat height ajustable.Tanto the armrests down and folding footrests are also to facilitate transfers.

Tecnología anti-balanceo

Anti-rolling Technology

The anti-roll system of the base provides the user with greater stability, minimizing the movement of the body and therefore increasing safety. The standard configuration of the chair to overcome curbs to 70 mm with the greater stability for the user.

Seat width: 41 to 51 cm, adjustable
Seat height: 40 / 42.5 / 45 cm
Seat Depth: 41 to 51 cm, adjustable
Height of backrest: 48 cm (adjustable to 45.5 and 50.5 cm)
Armrest height: 22-31 cm
Width: 60 cm
Overall length: 110 cm (86 inches without footrests)
Frame: Rigid (non-folding)
Batteries: 50 Amp
Maximum range: Approx 26 km (estimated range under test conditions)
Tilting of seat: Manual Standard: 0 ˚ to 9 ˚; Electrical: 0 ° to 30 ° / -5 ° to 25 °
Recline the backrest: Standard Manual: -4 ˚ to 16 ˚; Electrical: 0 ° to 30 °
Turning radius: 67 cm
Maximum gradient: 8th
Curbs max: 7 cm
Electronics: VR2 joystick standard for up to 2 actuators and lights and indicators.Optional R-net Controller, for up to 6 actuators and indicator lights.
Minimum weight of the product: 113 kg
Max user: 140 kg
Colors: Red


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