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8mph scooter Regatta

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8mph scooter Regatta

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8mph scooter Regatta

8mph scooter Regatta

8mph scooter Regatta

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The electric charger is included in the price

The Regatta is our modern scooter 12.87 km / h design that includes all the proven benefits of the Mercury series. This easy to operate the vehicle offers state of the art of performance and will provide years of reliable service. The Regatta takes the Mercury brand, ensuring a focus on comfort, style, performance and reliability.

Features include: -

• Pavement 6.44 km / h road and 12.87 km / h Maximum speed settings.

• Comfortable swivel seat Admirals with the ease of sliding and reclining.

• 40 km range *.

• Easy to use controls.

• position adjustable seat and backrest angle.

• Height adjustable headrest.

• Twin mirrors.

• slip mat in the footwell.

• Rear brake drum and brake extra hand.

• Anti-tip wheels.

• width adjustable armrests.

• An adjustment handlebar Touch.

• driveways and sidewalks legal.

• Front and rear lights and indicators.

• Available colors - blue, red, champagne, Green or Black.

• Sturdy removable shopping basket.

• Back-large seat storage pocket.

• Capacity 159kg

• Fully automatic electric braking system secure.

• Easy to use "Auto Diagnostic" discovery system failures.

• Fully adjustable front and rear suspension.

• Delta available as optional extra bar.

* Subject to the terms of use.

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8mph scooter Regatta

8mph scooter Regatta

8mph scooter Regatta

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