Asiento Fedder

Asiento Fedder

Seat Fedder

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Asiento Fedder

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Seat Fedder


This chair is ideal for any short-term activity at home or in school and as an alternative to wheelchair.

The seat provides proper posture without complicated settings.

The interior design has a molded seat seat-back angle of 90 °.

Very durable and soft and warm touch.

Washable and lightweight.

The belt and H shaped harness easily adjust to each child and help maintain proper posture.

The wedge can be used to put the seat in reclining or sitting position.


* The small wedge seat goes with small, medium and large. Length: 56 cm, Height: 30 cm, Width: 40 cm

** The large wedge goes only with extra large seat. Length: 56 cm, Height: 48 cm, Width: 71 cm




Modelchild's heighttotal heightOverall widthseat bottomback height
TF4542S to 91 cm 52 cm 27 cm 20 cm 46 cm
TF4542M to 122 cm 69 cm 36 cm 24 cm 59 cm
TF4542L to 155 cm 86 cm 43 cm 33 cm 73 cm
TF4542X to 183 cm 104 cm 53 cm 42 cm 89 cm
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Small Fedder Seat
Fedder Seat Medium
[Add €65.00]
Fedder Large Seat
[Add €190.00]
Fedder Seat Extra'Grande
[Add €470.00]
Seat Wedge Fedder Small and Small
[Add €110.00]
Fedder Seat Wedge Medium and Small
[Add €170.00]
Seat Wedge Fedder Big and Small
[Add €290.00]
Fedder Seat and Wedge Large Extra Large
[Add €740.00]

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