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USB adapter for connecting up to 8 switches to the computer

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USB adapter for connecting up to 8 switches to the computer

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What's encore?

Encore is a USB adapter 8 standard buttons.

It is a system that allows a computer station adapted very flexibly. Each of its eight inputs to switch can be set to perform action:

  • Mouse: move the cursor, click left, right or double, drag and drop ...
  • Keyboard: simulate pressing a key or key combination.
  • Joystick: simulate the movement of a joystick, or press any of its buttons.

Encore can become whatever you want:-controlled mouse buttons, a keyboard, a joystick adapted ... or a combination of all that.

To whom it May concern?

Anyone wishing to access a computer, but it is not possible or convenient to use the usual peripherals.

Encore includes many devices adapted by switching in a single product. Adaptation can be as simple or as complex as you like, it's just a matter of deciding the number of switches to be used, and what role will be assigned to each.

How does it work?

Just connect as many switches as needed (1 to 8) to the inputs of Encore, and this in a computer's USB port.

Encore default is configured to function as a mouse, four of its inputs move the cursorleft, right up and down, and the other four generating left-click, right, double and drag / drop. This setting can be changed to adapt to the needs ENCORE user.

What can you do with Encore?

Encore allows you to use any computer program that can be accessed by mouse, keyboard or joystick. What all-inclusive!

In addition, the operating system in use is not a problem because Encore works with MS Windows, MacOSX and GNU / Linux.

Getting around the desktop computer, use a communication board, play ... For any task you want to perform, there is a setting that enables Encore do with comfort.

ENCORE is also an excellent complement to other systems computer access, as enPathia.

What types of switches can be used?

You can use any switch that has a 3.5mm jack. This is a standard connector, using most commercial switches.

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USB adapter for connecting up to 8 switches to the computer

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